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Testimonies All glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ

I am George Mathews.
I ‘ve been working in Muscat since Oct, 1991.

In May, 2010; I started Transportation business.

In Jan, 2013 a Sudani Gentleman bought Company from my Omani Partner.

In October, 2013; I faced 3 false Court cases staged set against me without my knowing by this Sudani Partner.

Judgements for 2 false cases had already been announced against me. Judgement for the 3rd false case was announced in the coming months

By July, 2013 my Labour Card, Passport, Driving Licence expired … my family’s Visas also expired by August, 2013.

Due to ongoing cases I couldn’t renew any of the documents.

We handed over our heavy laden yoke to Lord Jesus and surrendered to Him.

He not only received our yoke but also exchanged His yoke with us. He also gave us His Divine Peace which strengthened us.

He started solving our problems one by one while we focussed on remaining still as we waited upon Him in Faith to complete what He had started.

He started performing Miracles for us reversing all the Lower Court’s judgements.

satan and his aides who were celebrating their success suddenly started noticing that Lord Jesus was, one by one; reversing their victories over me which they had taken it for granted.

Lord Jesus, through Miracles; reversed the 3 Lower Court Judgements against me in my favour in the Appeal Court who questioned Lower Court’s veracity in accepting Accuser’s version that the Accused was absconding and without hearing the his part of the story, how could Lower Court pronounce three Judgements ?

Appeal Court announced new Judgements as it now ensured both the Accuser and Accused were present in front of the Judge and a fair Trial was conducted.

It was Lord Jesus who was behind it all and got the new Judgements in my favour.

It was at this point that Holy Spirit God Supernaturally connected me with Essaya Pastor , Rebecca Sister and their Apostolic Church.

Holy Spirit reminded Rebecca Sister, on the first day’s visit itself; about the Prophesy that Pastor and Sister had received from a Coimbatore based Prophet @ 11 months back that within a year’s time, you will get connected with a Brother who had been doing Transportation business but for the past 9+ yrs had suffered major reversals and needed Deliverance. God has a big plan of executing it through him for the Church after he gets Delivered.

Ever since, I have been led by Holy Spirit God to attend every Barka Fast n Prayer Worships while Pastor , Sister and the Church in unison started praying for me.

Every attended Barka Worship was a great relief for me as I felt that portions of the bondage’s intensity was being removed and getting weaker with every Fast n Prayer Worship.

During the 2nd week of June, 2022; Barka Fast n Prayer marathon Worship, Holy Spirit; at the right Time set by Him; Delivered me from an Ancestral curse . Also Holy Spirit revealed that before end of June, I would exit from Muscat and while in Kerala, with my family; He would reveal God’s next Plan for me.

Thus Lord Jesus honoured His Promise in Luke 18 : 27 ~ ” And He said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God “

All Glory, Honour, Praises, Thanks to Abba Father through His Only Begotten Son with the Help and Comfort of Holy Spirit God. Amen

I thank my siblings, my family members , Essaya Pastor n Sister, the Shepherds of our Apostolic Church along with it’s Brothers n Sisters who prayed and supported me emotionally, spiritually, morally with their presence n prayers.